Premium Dog Dental Spray
Premium Dog Dental Spray
Premium Dog Dental Spray
Premium Dog Dental Spray

Premium Dog Dental Spray

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  • Eliminates bad breath without the need to brush your dog’s teeth.
  • Easy to use, spray directly into your dog’s mouth or directly into the drinking water bowl.
  • Helps fight tartar and plaque build up.
  • No harmful or harsh chemicals used.

    Love your dog but not their breath?

    As much as we all love dog kisses…

    We have to admit we don’t always love where their mouths have been or the smells that come from them!

    Now there's a way to get your dog's breath smelling fresh without the hassle of brushing their teeth!

    Introducing our Fur Planet's Premium Dog Dental Spray.  This makes it easier than ever to give dogs  that all-natural smelling breath that makes their kisses 10X better than ever! Who knew that was even possible!

    With just a few sprays from this formula made from safe, pet-friendly ingredients, you’ll never want them to have old-fashioned dog breath again!

    Don’t Ignore Your Dog’s Bad Breath

    Many dog parents think that 'bad breath' isn't anything to worry about. Don’t be one of them. Bad breath in your dog could be a sign of periodontal diseases. The bacteria from plaque and tartar can enter the blood system, causing life-threatening gum, heart and liver diseases.

    Dog owners know that they should brush their dogs’ teeth — daily is best; weekly is acceptable — but the problem is that many dogs resist it. It isn’t easy to do either, which makes Fur Planet Dental Spray an appealing option.

    Fur Planet Dental Spray takes bacteria head-on, destroys tartar and plaque, promotes gum health, and freshens your pet’s breath. For best results in the shortest possible time, we recommend using the spray twice a day in combination with brushing your dog’s teeth.

    The ‘Potent Three’ Formula

    Many other brands’ products use strong oils to mask the smell or too much stevia that causes diarrhoea or upset stomach. But, our product is 100% hypoallergenic, non-toxic, alcohol-free and contains the “potent three” formula so you can take care of your dog’s oral health.

    Sodium Benzoate

    This super effective “bacteria killer” nips the source of tartar and plaque in the bud. It’s found in berries, plums, apples, and cinnamon. Perfectly edible for your dog.

    Potassium Sorbate

    It’s the salt of sorbic acid which is naturally found in the vibrant berries of mountain ash. Potassium sorbate increases bone density thereby preventing broken teeth. Another added benefit is an overall improvement in gum health.

    Sodium Bicarbonate

    Aka baking soda, it’s well-known for “cleaning” superpowers amongst dentists. It melts away all the tartar and plaque build-up making teeth white and shiny. And oh, it is also naturally occurring.

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