If Your Dog Has Bad Breath, Here’s a Quick , Easy and Safe Solution

by Tonderai Kachecha on September 02, 2022
We’ve all had those moments. You reach out to give your dog a cuddle, after not having seen them the whole day. As you reach out, you are knocked back by their bad breath.
There aren’t many smells that are as unpleasant as a dog with bad breath. Your dog might think that you appreciate his kisses. But if he has bad breath, then getting up close and personal isn’t a pleasant experience for you.
Bad dog breath isn’t just gross – it could also be a sign of a health problem. We have covered some of the common causes of bad breath in another blog. You can find it here https://fur-planet.com/blogs/news/here-are-9-common-causes-of-bad-dog-breath
While it’s important to understand the cause of your dog’s bad breath, what you want to know is how to get rid of it. Curing bad dog breath depends on the cause, but luckily there are quite a few treatment options out there.
The simplest way to prevent bad dog breath is to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. Teeth brushing reduces plaque and tartar build up. Dog toothpaste is for dogs. You should never use human toothpaste to brush brush your dog’s teeth. Human toothpaste may contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs, like xylitol.
Dog parents know that they should brush their dogs’ teeth — daily is best; weekly is acceptable. The problem is that many dogs resist it. This can be a frustrating experience for both you and your dog.
Enter the dog dental spray.
What is a Dog Dental Spray?
Dental sprays target plaque formation in the fight to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. That’s good because plaque, a bacterial film, is bad. The progression of periodontal disease is that the plaque forms on the teeth, and over time, layers of plaque harden into tartar.. Plaque is transparent and easy to remove, whereas tartar is attached to the teeth.
An easy and quick solution is dog dental spray. There are many breath fresheners for dogs on the market. This makes it confusing to know which ones will deliver the best results for you and your dog.
How to Choose a Dental Spray?
As always, it's important to read the ingredients labels carefully. One ingredient that has scientific backing for dental benefits is chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine has antimicrobial properties that decrease the bacteria in your dog’s mouth. This disrupts the plaque formation process.
Dog dental sprays are not a replacement for regular teeth brushing. They're meant to compliment regular teeth brushing for your dog.

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