How to Eliminate Your Dog's Bad Breath in 7 Days or Less.

by Tonderai Kachecha on September 20, 2022

Your dog's mouth is full of bacteria, some beneficial, some harmful. The harmful bacteria is responsible for the majority of dental problems? Discolouration, bleeding gums, inflammation, and bad breath are common signs that your pet's oral hygiene is suffering.

Your dog maybe one of those dogs : From time to time, he has a build-up of tartar that could only be removed under anaesthesia. Each time this happens, you are often on tenter hooks wondering if your dog is going to wake up.

You are probably sick and tired of all the different methods, devices and ideas that you have tried. Maybe your dogs hates the sight of a toothbrush being inserted into his mouth. 

Which is why we created a simple to use but effective water additive that removes tartar and plaque removal.

Our dog dental spray also eliminates bad breath. 

But just how does the dental plaque remover achieve this?

It's down to three main ingredients that we use in our products. 

Sodium Benzoate

This super effective “bacteria killer” nips the source of tartar and plaque in the bud. It’s found in berries, plums, apples, and cinnamon. Perfectly edible for your dog.

Potassium Sorbate

It’s the salt of sorbic acid which is naturally found in the vibrant berries of mountain ash. Potassium sorbate increases bone density thereby preventing broken teeth. Another added benefit is an overall improvement in gum health.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Aka baking soda, it’s well-known for “cleaning” superpowers amongst dentists. It melts away all the tartar and plaque build-up making teeth white and shiny. And oh, it is also naturally occurring.

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