6 Top Tips for Improving Your Dog’s Oral Health.

by Tonderai Kachecha on October 06, 2022

After reading this article, you will stop second guessing yourself about what you need to do to improve your dog’s oral health.. Simple changes to how you routinely care for your dog’s teeth and what you feed your dog decreases the risk of oral diseases. By making these small but important changes, you can prevent tooth loss and other diseases. 

Here is a run down of the simple tips you can apply starting today to improve your dog’s oral health.

  1. Lip Service

What the hell is lip service? Don’t panic. Simply check in on your dog’s gums and teeth every few weeks. This helps you know what’s happening in their mouths.Key things to look out for are pink gums.  Swollen, white or red gums could be a sign of a disease and you should schedule a visit to see the vet. Their teeth should be clean without brown tartar buildup.

  1. Tooth-Brushing 

Anyone who has ever tried brushing a dog’s teeth will tell you it's no easy task. You know your dog better, so try to make it fun. If you can also create a routine you can make them excited about getting their teeth brushed. There are plenty of dog specific toothbrushes and toothpastes.

  1. Brushing Frequency

Regular teeth brushing is a foundation for good oral health. After your dog has become used to teeth brushing, you should  try to do it once a day. 

  1. Chews

In addition to relieving your dog of boredom, chews help keep your dog’s oral health in tip top condition. Gnawing on chew toys is a natural way for your dog to clean its teeth. Constant chewing scrapes plaque from their teeth. You must always make sure to rotate the toys and only use ones that are pet safe. 

  1. Your dog’s diet

There isn't a one size fits all diet for every dog. Keeping your dog healthy is more important than choosing wet  or dry food. If your dog continues to experience plaque buildup, your vet should be able to help you choose special formula dry dog foods that control plaque and tartar.

  1. Breath Test

Bad breath can be a common sign of oral disease in your dog. It's normal for your dog's breath not to smell great all the time. However, it is not normal for your dog’s breath to smell terribly all the time. Persistent bad breath may be a sign of periodontal disease or decaying teeth.

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